2017 Reserve Carménère


Powerful aromas of cedar, maple and buckwheat swirling with gardenia, lilac and honeysuckle floral notes. The all important cracked pepper is evident but integrates perfectly into the lush and velvety plum and floral experience this wine provides. The mouthfeel is dense and substantial yet weightless at the same time. The finish never ends. Ever. These are wines that transcend the ordinary constraints on winemaking in the rational world. Young vines, inclement weather, uncooperative yeasts, winemaker and grower fatigue, insects, a million other factors that limit the greatness of a finished wine. This Carmenere ignored the odds and settled for darn near perfection. And it was gracious enough to allow us to share in the journey.

100821 E. Brandon Dr. Kennewick, WA 99338